Silk Knits Top with Simplicity 1325

Last fall I used this pattern to make two tshirts. They turned out to be my most wear cloth last winter. What can I say, New England weather calls for some kind of t shirt top almost everyday.

simplicity 1325

I got several new pieces of silk knits fabric over the past few months. By several I mean 10 pieces!!! I decided to make some new tops for the spring. This tshirt is such a quick make. I cut the fabric on Friday night, and by Saturday night, I already wear it to friends house. IMG_3534

I usually don’t wear cloth with lots of color, however I feel the color of both tops are not too much. I wear these top with black Yoga pants or jeans at home. I also wear them to work with my skirt. They are both very versatile as good wardrobe basics.

The fabrics are silk knits. Before cutting I threw them in the washer and dryer to pre-shrink it. I love silk but there is no way I can handle the tedious dry clean and maintenance. The fabrics handled the washer and dryer well. There is minimum color lost.

Silk knits is not the easiest fabric to sew. I serged a 1/4 inch transparent elastics along the shoulder seams and neck seam to re-enforce the seam. I learned this technique from Nancy Zieman’s youtube video for sewing with knits. The clear elastics help the shoulder and neck line keep their shape. I top stitched all seams with my cover stitch machine. I have had the cover stitch machine for about 6 months. It made all my knits cloth finish so much more professional.

I snapped a few photos yesterday:




Both tops are so comfortable I even use them as pajamas. Did I mention that I bought 10 pieces of new fabric recently? I plan to make at least 3 more tops using this pattern for my spring wardrobe. As I said, New England calls for long sleeve top all year around.

Thanks and have a great day.




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