EVIE la LUVE High Waist Panty

I’ve been admiring lots of the online lingerie sewing blogs for a long time. However I am afraid to make my own. So many tiny pieces, so delicate fabric. What if it does fit? What if it turns out ugly? What if people lough at me?

Oh well it’s time to swallow my  fear and start action. After all, start is 80% of success.

I’ve been looking for a nice high waist panty pattern for a long time. I have made Gertie’s Butterick B6031 panties a few time before. I loved the silk knits fabric I used. I will definitely make more. However there are two things I am not totally in love with Butterick B6031. First, it is a person style issue.  it claims to be high waist-ed however it falls below belly button. I am looking for something to cover ‘that area’. Mid-age women I am, do I need to say more? Secondly B6031 pattern only has one crotch piece, which mean there is expose seam at the crotch. During my last make, I tried to sandwich  the open seam. It was some what successful but with some extra work. It is a real show stopper for me.

I also own Madalynne’s two simplicity lingerie pattern. I haven’t got time to make any yet but from looking at the pattern instruction. Both has one crotch piece. As you already know, this is a big no no for me.

I have followed EVIE la LUVE’s Hannah Victoria‘s youtube channel for a long time. I admire admire admire all her works. I am not a lace person. But after watching her making the tiny panties for a while, I felt I am converted. I feel the need to own a tiny lace thing growing in me. Yesterday during my fabric shopping relaxation therapy session, I bought several lace elastics and lace fabrics. Does it mean I am ready?  Maybe , Maybe.

EVIE la LUVE’s High Waist Panty pattern is a free pdf download from her website.


I was intrigued after watching her youtube videos of :

1. How to use this panty to make a swimsuit bottom — super easy. How cool is that?

2. How use create your own style line using this pattern — this is a total eye opener for me. There are endless style possibilities and all seem really easy.

There are only 3 pattern pieces for this panty. I found some cotton jersey fabric from a previous failed project. I started cutting at 7 o’clock in the morning, by 7:45 I am done. Such a quick and satisfactory project. I used fold over elastics. This is the fastest way to enclose all the edges.  I might try some delicate lace for my next project though.


I am between size size S and M. Since the my jersey is not very stretchy, I decided to try size M. As you can see, it is very high waist. It covers all the areas I want to cover. The best of all, it is so comfortable, probably because I made a little bigger.

I totally love this pattern. I am ready to make more. There are so many potentials. I can get some power mesh fabric and make a size small to make shape wear. Or I can get some swimming fabrics to make a swimming bottom.

To be continued. ..




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