Mccalls M6654 — A Fast and Fabulous Skirt

I first basted the front and back with my sewing machine, put it on to see whether it fit, then sew the three pieces together with my serger. With all those ‘steps’, it took me 20 minutes to sew this skirt. It took me longer than that to ruminate whether I should sew this skirt.

Why all those hesitation you ask.

You see, I consider myself to be an intermediate sewiest. An intermediate sewiest just does not sew such easy things like knit skirt with elastic waste. Right?

Oh well I am in transition between projects and was looking as a piece of green polyester knits fabric I got last year. It is pretty thick material, has good stretch recovery, and not transparent.  I bought it to make a M6884 faux wrap dress. However since last year I have made three M6884 dresses here and here and here. I am pretty sure I don’t need another one in my closet in the near future.

So I took out pattern M6654. What I like about the photo on the pattern is there is no wrinkle on the elastic waist. I dislike the wrinkle from elastics waist because it not only makes the skirt look unprofessional, it also makes the waist look bulky. The last thing I need is for my waist to look bulky.

I also like there are two styles – pencil skirts and A line skirts, and there are all possible length -4 each- for the skirts. It is as if with one pattern dear Mccalls pattern company want to give me all possible knits skirt combinations.

So, I made it with lightening speed. I use size 10 for waist, and graded to size 8 at hip. I also used size 10 waist band. The outcome fits me very well. I read online that this pattern tends to run big. My measurement puts me to size 14 waist just for your reference.

I cut the elastics based by wrapping it around my waist and stretch it a little. I like my waist band to be a little tight. Below are a few photos for the outside and inside. You can see from the outside view the waist band does not wrinkle because the ease is between the skirt piece and the waist band. When I wear it there is no wrinkle at all.


This skirt has both the ‘elastic waist comfort’ , and the ‘flat’ waist look.  I started this make to have a casual skirt, after I am done, I got a pretty professional looking skirt. I totally can wear it to work.

Now I am looking for a thick winter knits to make more. Maybe cashmere knits? I also want to make a longer version, at least mid calf- for the winter cold. One thing is for sure, I am going to make more of this pattern, soon.





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